Void King – There Is Nothing


Heaven’s Gate may have hitched a ride on the Hale-Bopp comet that passed our rock 20 years ago, fortunately we have Indiana’s Void King to fill us in on the details of the event.  Released in 2016, the band’s first full length album is a heavy slab of rock that mixes big riffs with a dash of groove and speeds hammer down through eight big tracks.

Crushing riffs buttressed by thick bass and pounding drums, Void King has crafted the sonic foundation required to support Jason Kindred’s mighty bellow.  Many of the riffs and rhythms on There Is Nothing recall early albums by New England knuckle draggers Scissorfight which is a compliment in the highest regard as far as we are concerned.  Glenn Danzig’s bluesy howl is typically mentioned whenever I read about Void King, but I really don’t think that is an accurate comparison.  Kindred’s verbal dexterity is on par with the mighty Neil Fallon, while his top end exceeds that of many current metal front men.

Tempos change quickly from the rubber burning Brandy Knew to the slow-build of That Was Not An Owl.  The band also puts on a ferocious live show that needs to be witnessed whenever they are close to your town.  According to recent social media posts and a single released last year, the band appears to be working on some new material.  Hopefully we will be able to hear something new before Hale-Bopp comes back.