Devil Master – Satan Spits on Children of Light


Just when you think you have heard every genre and sub-genre mixture possible, a band like Devil Master comes along with a new sound that helps to push metal even further into new territories.  Philadelphia’s Devil Master has created a swirling black cloud that draws from the macabre goth punk of the Damned as much as it does classic Venom and NWOBHM.  The band set some lofty expectations based on the well-received debut Manifestations that dropped last November which collected a couple early EPs.   Devil Master’s full-length debut Satan Spits on Children of Light finds the band honing its sound and amping up the creep factor.

The track Skeleton Hand on the new album showcases the band’s unique sound by creating an atmosphere of dread with squealing and swirling guitars before the punk velocity kicks the song into overdrive.  Her Thirsty Whip is almost catchy enough for modern rock radio until the band summons all the demons for a mid-song detour that sends the band hurling blackened crusty punk cords crashing into black metal thrash riffs.  It is a standout track on the album and perfect example of the band bringing its own sound to the metal world.  Devil Master should be receiving some well-deserved attention soon as it takes their sound on the road playing some dates with Skeletonwitch as well as a spot at this year’s Psycho Las Vegas.      



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